November 28 will be a historic day for Pittsburgh non-profits

November 28 will be a historic day for Pittsburgh non-profits

End of year contribution

Starting with Giving Tuesday on November 28, Alia Musica is accepting end-of-year donations. Your end-of-year gift is a charitable contribution for Federal tax purposes.

contribute by check

Make your checks payable to Alia Musica Pittsburgh
and mail to:

Alia Musica Pittsburgh
5 Clarendon Place
Pittsburgh PA 15206

online contributions
(credit/debit card via PayPal)

not sure how much to contribute?

Any amount helps—but have a look at what's involved in a production (this is Berio's Laborintus II, performed with Quince as soloists and in partnership with the Heinz History Center):

Laborintus costs.jpg

Current donors

Anonymous (3)

John & Judyth Arrigo
Jim Cassaro
Daniel Warner

Ernesto Garcia
Mercedes Dollard
Matthew Gillespie
Curtis Rumrill

Estela Llinas
Nancy Reese
Michael Trist

Mathew Rosenblum
Rodrigo De Castro

Andrew Kaiser
Jennifer Gallagher

Michelle Walker
Sylvia De Castro
Patrick Moore

Joseph Ducar
Sasha Shapiro
Robin Lee
Nora Garcia
Adam Ratana
Brendan Gallagher
Herve Pappucci
Michael & Prue Gallagher

Emily Cook
Anna Elder

Priscilla Older
Karl Berry
Hajnal Pivnick
Katie Palumbo
Noa Even

Our warmest appreciation to all our donors

Individual donations have been a major factor in Alia Musica's growth since 2014. Your continued support will help ensure the production of more memorable, unlikely new music events.

former donors

Robert Page
Barbara Dahn
Dianne Pittman
Michael Knaub
Kenneth Manders
Kerrith Livengood
Adam Ratana

Susan Shaw
Hanna Salman
Jim Faeder & Sarah Gallagher
Heather Lee & Mark Urrea
Gioconda Snyder
Elvia De Perez
Rev. Randy Bush

Georgia Hernandez
Sally Morton
David Gottlieb
Matthew Fromm
Gail Mosites
Emily Cappo
Jacob Gordon|
Charles Drummond
Ted Sohier
Debra Fromm
Michael Lewanski
Emily Gillespie
Katie Palumbo
Emily Rodriguez
Jorge Muñiz
Carlos Camacho
Rogher Zahab
Janna Frieman
Jeanna Barnett
Andres Carrizo
Richard and Lauren Stern
Peter Deutsch
Katherine Arrigo
Jeffery Carpenter
Tristan Dahn
Hannah Krause