kick-off: 9/8

Saturday, September 8 · 7:30pm · Aftershock Theater

The Dreamsongs Project and composer Ted Moore in Feathermucker, for mezzo, guitar, and laptop

Kamraton Ensemble


Downtown, Strip, everywhere

Soloists from NAT 28 perform Berio's Sequenzas in coffee-shops, libraries, museums, and outdoor.



    Matinee: 9/9

    Sunday, September 9 · 2pm · Pittsburgh Opera

    · Surround, for six harps encircling the audience
    · Jan Williams, guest performer
    · Marilyn Shrude, Festival Composer, with John Sampen, saxophone
    and more...

    Soundpike: 9/15

    Saturday, September 15 · Pittsburgh Opera


    CAPA's Antithesis · Kassia · Bernabo/Kuo duo
    John Ivory · WOLFTRAP · J im Lingo

    8pm: Barson/Opie · Nimikry (Italy)

    feature: 9/20

    Thursday, September 20 · 7:30pm · Pittsburgh Opera

    · Alia Musica Pittsburgh
    · Christiane Dolores & Amanda Van Story Lewis
    · Eight Songs for a Mad King (Paul Pinto and NY's Tenth Intervention)


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