Alia Musica’s ensemble has performed performed throughout Western Pennsylvania and in venues in five states, most recently at Columbus State University in Georgia, where it performed with CSU soprano Michelle Murphy Debruyn. Alia Musica was the local quota at the Music on the Edge's Microtonal Music Festival in Pittsburgh in 2015, and in the same year was Featured Ensemble at MusicArte in Panama, along with Ensemble Dal Niente and the SoundScape Trio,

Funded in 2007 as a composer consortium, Alia Musica has made a name for itself as an actor in the new music scene in Pittsburgh and in the US at large. The producing organization behind the Pittsburgh Festival of New Music in 2014 and 2016, Alia Musica has presented and performed with artists of international stature like Cliff Colnot, Tony Arnold, Frederic Rzewski, and Ken Ueno, and ensembles like Yarn/Wire, Varispeed, thingNY, and Quince.

Balancing a grass-roots component with a commitment to artistic quality and to the listener’s experience, Alia Musica’s events have been listed in the Top Ten Classical Music Performances by the New York Times (2015) and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (2014).


Artistic Team

Federico Garcia-De Castro, Artistic Director
John Arrigo-Nelson
Curtis Rumrill
Mark Fromm
Jennifer Gallagher, Graphic Design
David Matthews, Sound

Core performers

Sarah Steranka - flute
Lenny Young - oboe
Emily Cook - clarinets
Mark Fromm - bassoon

Jennie Dorris, Carlos Camacho - percussion
Matthew Gillespie - piano
Marissa Knaub - harp

Dawn Posey, Laura Motchalov - violin
Katie Kroko - viola
Simon Cummings, Cody Green - cello

Founding core composers

Kerrith Livengood
Matthew Gillespie
James Ogburn
Mark Fromm
Matthew Heap
John Arrigo-Nelson
Federico Garcia-De Castro


Premium donors

Andrew Kaiser
John & Judyth Arrigo
Robert Page
Barbara Dahn
Dianne Pittman
Ernesto Garcia & Sylvia De Castro

Michael Knaub
Tim Judson
Estela Llinas
Nancy Reese
Georgia Hernandez
Kenneth Manders
Kerrith Livengood
Susan Shaw
Dan Warner


Board of Directors

Curtis Rumrill, chair
James Simon, vice-chair
Robin Lee, treasurer
Phil Taylor, secretary
Jim Cassaro
Jen Gallagher
John Arrigo-Nelson
Matthew Gillespie


Patrick Moore & Yuan Chang
Hanna Salman
Jim Faeder & Sarah Gallagher
Heather Lee & Mark Urrea
Gioconda Snyder & Elvia De Perez
Sally Morton
Jennifer Gallagher
Sarah Trist
Matthew Fromm
David Gottlieb
Cody Conley

Mathew Rosenblum
Gail Mosites
Emily Cappo
Jacob Gordon
Debra Fromm
Michael Lewanski
Emily Gillespie
Katie Palumbo

Emily Rodriguez
Jorge Muñiz
Carlos Camacho
Roger Zahab
Janna Frieman
Jeanna Barnett
Andres Carrizo
Richard and Lauren Stern
Peter Deutsch
Katherine Arrigo

Jeffery Carpenter
Tristan Dahn
Hannah Krause
Emily Cook

...our warmest appreciation to all our donors

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