Board meeting, Sunday October 28, 2018, 3:00pm.

5 Clarendon Place
Pittsburgh PA 15206

1 board of directors

1.1 Members up for 1-year extension or for stepping down:

After 3 full seasons on the board, members can be extended for 1 year with a majority vote.

  • Curtis Rumrill (stepping down?)

  • Phil Taylor (stepping down?)

  • Robin Lee (extension?)

  • Matthew Gillespie (extension?)

10 minutes or less.

1.2 New member

Proposed: Andrew Kaiser

15 minutes or less.

1.3 election of 2018–19 officers

Current officers:

  • Curtis Rumrill, chair

  • James Simon, vice-chair

  • Robin Lee, treasurer

  • Phil Taylor, secretary

Proposed officers:

  • Andrew Kaiser & Jim Cassaro, co-chairs?

  • John Arrigo, treasurer?

  • Jen Gallagher, secretary?

15 minutes or less.

1.4 2018–19 meeting schedule

December 2018, February 2019, April 2019, June 2019, August 2019

10 minutes or less.

2 budgets

Treasurer and artistic director present the budgets for approval

2.1 Review and approval, 2017–18 actual budget

2.2 Review and adoption, 2018–19 beginning of year budget

25 minutes or less.

3 strategic plan

3.1 Review for adoption.

10 minutes or less.

3.2 Creation of implementation committees:

  • Board development committee.
    The first part of 2019 will be a time for board development. This includes prospecting, contacts with institutional partners, blue-ribbon committees/events.

  • Programming advisory committee
    Official creation of such a committee (which can include non-board members), as one of the findings of the Strategic Plan.

10 minutes or less.

4 day of giving (11/27)

National event Giving Tuesday. An opportunity to renew a couple of returning donors, as well as kick-off an End of Year campaign, in the image of the campaigns in 2017.

15 minutes or less.